People in the Wind by William Inge, with Haven Theatre

A girl bursts into a roadside diner, panicked. Something on the greyhound bus she has been riding cross-country is not right. But everyone else is also on the run, fixated on the hope that this Kansas wind will blow them as far west as possible. So what’s a girl to do? William Inge’s one act, which would eventually become the first draft of his play Bus Stop, explores the chaotic effects of the American Dream, and how the quest for a perfect life can make us blind to the pain of others.

Director // Oct. 15 - 31


IN THE CANYON by Calamity West, with Jackalope Theatre

In The Canyon is a new American saga by Calamity West spanning from 2007 to 2067. In an exploration on the present attack on abortion, this world-premiere imagines a broken society rapidly declining into a future world set in the rocks and walls of a canyon, where a story of resistance is birthed.

Dramaturg // Oct. 23 - Nov. 25


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Cool for Five Seconds by Calamity West, a short film 

After years of silence, Eleanor receives an invitation from Colleen to meet out of the blue. Maybe they can reconnect, if they can just be cool for five seconds. 

Director // Spring 2019