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Cool for Five Seconds by Calamity West, a short film 

Director // Spring 2019

More info at www.coolforfiveseconds.com


Civic Event: A panel of sexual health educators, providers, and scholars will discuss with dramaturg Dani Wieder what recent and possible changes at the federal level actually mean for access to reproductive care in our city. Joining us are representatives from such organizations as Chicago Abortion FundIllinois Caucus for Adolescent Health, and more.

“As the dramaturg for In The Canyon, much of my work has been understanding what about Calamity's epic play is based in history, and what is a product of her stunning imagination. As I was putting together information for the actors, I realized that while the play you have seen or will see is a beautifully crafted piece of fiction, everything that happens In The Canyon is -or has been at one time- real.

This is not as terrifying as you might think. What this actually means is that we already have the tools to understand how to handle our current moment, and we already have organizations in Chicago built to handle what might lie ahead.”