Associate Director of The Fly Honey Show X

The Fly Honey Show re-imagines the classic cabaret to transcend, transmit and transform feminist perspectives. Through high-energy dance, raw storytelling, unapologetic empowerment and a rotating line-up of Chicago’s premiere performance artists, The Fly Honeys make necessary space to celebrate body+sex+self ownership.

Created and directed by radical choreographer Erin Kilmurray, The Fly Honeys are a fierce group of choreographers, dancers, musicians, actors, designers and performance artists who foster a safe space for advancing gender equality and promoting self-love.


People in the Wind is being featured in the ad campaign for the 2019 Year of Chicago Theater. Check us out on bus stops all around downtown Chicago!


Coming soon:

Cool for Five Seconds by Calamity West, a short film 

Director // Spring 2019

More info at www.coolforfiveseconds.com